Music of Horses #1 — “Where The Heart Leads”

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… to the Music of Horses journal on You may wonder why we’ve chosen the name, so in this first entry, I’ll address that. You might also wonder why it’s been so long since I’ve toured or recorded. I’ll touch on that, too.

Where The Heart Leads

In 2013, after having spent several years immersing myself in Horsemanship, I sold my house in Nashville and most of my belongings to focus my attention on horses, horsemanship, and what we as humans have to learn from them.

As I learned about, and most importantly, learned from horses, I began to realize how much I was learning about myself. I started to recognize traits and qualities in horses that powerfully beckoned my compassion. My efforts in mindfulness and martial arts became applicable to Horsemanship in ways I’d never imagined. And all of this filled my heart with joy. What I grew to understand is that what I love most about horses is what they have to teach us about becoming more beautiful as humans.

What I love most about horses is what they have to teach us about becoming more beautiful as humans.

New Horizons

In future journal entries, I hope to share some of what I’ve learned — and continue to learn — about myself, about other people, songwriting, artistry, mindfulness, horses, horsemanship… and life. I’ll try to offer tips and content with insights into songwriting, reaching the hearts of humans and horses, music, horsemanship, riding, compassion, and especially how all of those elements are so readily interconnected.

You can look forward to both video and audio entries, special guests, and information on what’s happening with touring, recording and writing pursuits, as well.

Reach Out

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If you’ve read this far, thank you for your kindness, interest, and attention — they are gifts.

We’ll see you back soon with journal entry #2 of The Music of Horses.

~ SE


Skip Ewing is an award-winning singer, songwriter, recording artist, and horseman with 300 major artist recordings and compositions contributing to the sale of 80 Million albums. His accolades include BMI Songwriter of the Year, NSAI Song of the Year, CMA Triple Play Award (3 #1 songs in a 12 month period), 14 BMI Million-Air awards and 25 chart hits. He lives in Dubois, WY with the love of his life, their dog Jack, and their three horses: Aramis, Tammi, and Toby.

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